Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seriously, Apple Computers are a Joke

It's quite comical to me how Apple computers function. I perceive it like a child playing in the sandbox that doesn't want to share their box of cookies with you. There is so much potential and capability with an Apple machine, they just choose not to let you utilize it.

Perhaps Windows is too user-friendly. That was sarcasm, people.

I attended a lecture on common maintenance procedures for the recording studio, and the focus was on Macs. To restate, I realize a large portion of the multimedia industry runs on Mac. I am perfectly adept at The workflow of a Mac

Gibson vs. Epiphone

Sure, Gibson has the notoriety, but Epiphone makes damn good guitars. Many people prefers Epiphones to Gibsons purely because Epiphones have certain necks that are entirely their own, in addition to many other specifications.

Many, many players even endorse Epiphone as readily as they do Gibson. When it comes to live performance, however, I've noticed that these same players rely solely on Gibson for their show.

I just think it's interesting that when it comes time to truly throw down, Gibson is the only one they go to...


I own and play both brands. Of course Gibsons are "technically" better, but I've played some Epis that just smoke. Epiphone makes a mean semi-hollow (I'm looking at you Dot!), and they are more than worth considering. To my mind, there is little difference between a high-end Epiphone and a low-end Gibson.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boycott Apple

On one hand, the Apple corporation is a bloated monstrosity of a fortune 500. They design products that inherently fail, are under-intuitive, and they farm their customers for every penny for features that come immediately standard on competitor devices. They upgrade too frequently (...Avid....) They don't stand behind their products, and will abandon ship without hesitation.

Apple fans can be divided into one of two camps. People who are totally unaware of how a computer works, and people who are distracted by shiny things. I can totally get on board with someone who's not in to computers just wanting something that functions, but it's a real shame how many people are getting ripped off/ripping themselves off/letting Apple rip them off. Most of this comes in the form of customer farming on Apple's part, as well as unnecessary/required updates, and many people's unending desire to test out the newest most expensive, unproven gadget.

Apple has come a long way from the days of exclusively proprietary hardware and frantically searching the yellow pages for someone who can perform "Mac repairs". These days there are fewer differences than ever between PCs and Macs, but those differences are still readily apparent and divisive.

The fact that Mac sells so many integrated desktops is a shame, considering from a component and constructive perspective it's just a really, really gawky laptop that's not mobile. Integrated is integrated. What's even more a shame is that Apple is well-known in the media industries of film and audio for being a workhorse, but this is totally unfounded. It's the same answer as to the question, "Why is Pro Tools the industry standard?"

...because it just is. No rhyme or reason. Give me one legitimate argument for Mac over PC in the audio world. None. Logic is a joke, and the name is certainly tongue-in-cheek (as anyone who's operated it knows, there's nothing logical about that GUI!)

At least most things can go cross-platform. The only real problem seems to be when Mac guys have to go back and forth with PCs. I know that I never have any issues going from PC to Mac and back again. I hope I haven't jinxed myself!


If you don't feel like spending the time to find an alternative to an Apple product, find someone like Audio Ecstasy Productions that specializes in IT and DAW customization. I guarantee we can find you an amazing machine for about 1/3 of the price of any Apple product you've looked at.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Digital Devolution

I had the blessed opportunity to attend NAMM 2012 in beautiful Anaheim, CA. I noticed that there were a lot of new gadgets to interface with iPad and ooPods and every other new digital musical toy under the sun.

Digitech even had an iPad/pedalboard dock. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for technological advancement. There is just absolutely no sense in these products! The board costs approximately $500, as does the iPad. The fees associated with the iPad such as subscriptions, app costs not even factored in, one could buy the actual gear they are trying to replicate with the tablet/pedalboard combo.

I honestly cannot see why so many companies are trying to make bandwagon sales for products with SUCH a short consumer shelf life like iPads. Everyone knows these things are fly-by-night. Nothing will ever truly replace analog for music.

Have fun with your toys. Me and the rest of the real guitarists will still be running across the stage to stomp on those little boxes.

If your tone ain't broke, don't break it.